For E-Sports in Lexington.

We want to build the E-Sports Community in Lexington.

and we want everyone to join.

For only $20/month,

you can be a part of it.

Right now, we meet every Monday at 7 to discuss and play games.

This means you're only paying a $5 venue fee per event, to help us grow the community here in Lexington. 

What you'll get:

A great spot to chill and play games.

A large and growing community of skilled gamers.

Rankings and leaderboards to watch yourself improve.

Tips from the best players.

Info on all the up and coming E-Sports events.

The very best are going to join the PRO E-Sports Team we're forming.

Be a part of something great! 

All you have to do is sign up and show up on Mondays!