Game Packages


Different people play different games. That's what we love here at Virtuality. Choose one of our gaming set packages, or talk to us about customizing your package today. Got a certain type of game in mind? Contact us.

You can even see all the games made for the device here.

If you ask us nice enough, we might just buy a game you request.

The Party Pack

Our classic party pack comes with all you need to get the full virtual reality experience, with an emphasis on multiplayer.


Game types include:

  • Cooperative and Competitive Shooters

  • Sword-fighting

  • Whacky sports games

  • Zombie-killin

  • Racing

  • Boxing

And more!

Kid's Party Pack

The coolest, kid-friendly VR experiences around. Don't worry, even the adults will like this one.  We just subtract a bit of the shooting! And if ya like the shooters.... we can always add them back in.

Many of the games from the party pack are included, but you'll also find:

And of course, there's more!

Fitness Galore

Working out has never been this cool. Or really, it's just never been cool. But we can offer you the ultimate experience.

Talk to us about our pricing on VR fitness events. We can do group fitness events, and even find a group for you. This means there is NO minimum headset rental.